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Customer Service

Grif’n’Hook Construction is committed to providing the highest level of customer service.  To this end we provide every major remodel, addition, or new construction with a 2-year warranty and a Home Owner's Guide.

Our 2-year warranty covers product failure, workmanship, and often exceeds the manufacturers' warranties.

Our Home Owner's Guide includes operation instructions for all of the major systems, as well as a detailed maintenance plan to guide the home owner in the upkeep of their remodeled or new home.  This guide details many Built Green methods for maintaining your home and its components in a healthy and efficient manner for years to come.  It also allows the homeowner to understand the true cost of home ownership by allowing them to construct an annual and multi-year budget for maintaining their home.

The Home Owner's Guide and/or a related home analysis is also offered to our clients as a stand alone product.  Please contact us for more information on ordering the Home Owner's Guide or arranging a Home Maintenance Inspection.



Regular maintenance prevents the need for complete replacement


Maintaining landscaping prevents moisture problems and siding rot.


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